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Asphalt Built Up (BUR)

Asphalt comes from the oil and the petroleum industry, and is commonly confused with tar roofing. Asphalt usually consists of three to four layers of asphalt with felts used for re-enforcement and to separate the layers of asphalt. The finished product is a smooth surface or is embedded with slag or pea stone. Different grades of asphalt exist depending on application such as steep asphalt and dead level.  Like tar this is a great system however it is loosing popularity due to the high value single ply membranes provide.  Resaturating, reinforcement of projections and coating work can greatly extend the serviceable life of these roofing systems.

Benefits – Built Up Asphalt roofing systems tend to have a long lifespan. Each ply (layer) of an asphalt system contains fiberglass or rag felt reinforcement – when you combine multiple plies and top it with a water-resistant asphalt pouring, these systems perform very well.  When pea stone or slag is embedded in the system, it provides UV resistance as well as protection from weather such as hail, as well as human traffic.

Asphalt System Options

  • Smooth Built Up Asphalt Roof
  • Ballasted Built Up Asphalt Roof

Asphalt Commercial Roof System Maintenance

Like any commercial roof system, it is very important that preventative maintenance and service is performed. Smooth asphalt systems should receive projections, drain and flashing reinforcement and aluminum coating work every five to seven years.  Ballasted systems should have projections spudded and reinforced, as well as flashings coated. J.E. Dixon Roofing’s Maintenance Programs are designed to maintain systems to meet manufacturer recommendations. We remain one of Michigan's most trusted asphalt roofing contractors.

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