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New Roof Installations

A roofing project is a large investment and it is important to choose a professional contractor with a good reputation, such as J.E Dixon. Several options exist when installing new roofing, including types of insulation, R values, roofing materials, material thicknesses, and attachment options. It is important to choose a system (combination of insulation, waterproofing materials, and attachment) that best fits the construction characteristics of the facility, building use, and future plans for the property, all while providing a high value.

Several types of roofing insulations exist from roofing material manufacturers. The general factors that differentiate these insulation materials include R value, PSI (strength, or how rigid the product is), attachment options, weight, thickness, dimensions, and compatibility with materials - including roofing and building materials. Several options exits to meet your needs.

Waterproofing materials used in roofing have changed drastically in the past decade. What is generally referred to as “hot tar” roofing usually describes built up coal tar pitch or asphalt materials. These are no longer as popular as they once were due to expense and installation hazards. Single-ply membranes such as EPDM (rubber), TPO and PVC, are now more commonly installed. These new single-ply membranes have options like color, reinforcement within the membrane, and thicknesses. 

Roofing insulation and waterproofing materials are generally attached to the building using adhesives or fasteners. It is not uncommon for both methods to be used together. Fasteners are usually driven through metal plates and into the decking materials. Adhesives are used to stick the materials together. Various fasteners and adhesives exist and are used based on the system being installed.

When installing a new roof system, it is important to use a proven system and compatible materials that will provide a high value.

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