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Roofing Maintenance

Our roof maintenance program is designed to extend the life of your current roof system. Commercial roofs should receive maintenance and inspections as recommended based on the age of the roof, its condition, installation quality, and type of materials used. Preventative maintenance work will help stop problems before they start. This will provide a longer serviceable life, increasing value and eliminating issues that occur below the roof during leaks. Leaks can saturate insulation materials and deteriorate structural materials in a short time period, resulting in expensive repairs. 

General maintenance work includes examining seams, flashings, drains, metal details, projections and the field mat itself for splits, fractures, flaws and deteriorated areas.  Noted items should be repaired using compatible materials. Following maintenance work, several material manufacturers recommend applying roof coatings to the system to rejuvenate the materials, which provides a protective layer and improves reflection of ultra violet rays. 

If your building is located in an area where debris such as leaves, sticks and garbage can accumulate on the roof's surface, it should be cleaned as needed to prevent drainage problems such as plugged sump drains, plugged gutters and down spouts.  Large accumulations of debris on the roof's surface can result in ponding water, decreasing the roof's life expectancy.

Our team is trained and prepared to assess your roof and provide you with an appropriate maintenance plan and recommendations for future planning purposes. Stop your roofing problems before they start.

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