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S.A. EPDM (Self-Adhered Rubber Roof Systems)

J.E. Dixon Roofing now installs S.A. EPDM (self-adhered rubber) roof systems.

In December of 2015, we were selected as one of the first roofing contractors in Michigan to install this new technology provided by Firestone Building products. We installed the roof in Warren, Michigan at a factory that was suffering machinery damage from leaks. It called for immediate action.

J.E Dixon completed the installation in a timely manner as to not disrupt production inside the plant.

Generally on fully adhered membrane roofing projects, a solvent-based adhesive is used to adhere the membrane to the substrate. That type of adhesive typically has a strong odor that can be overwhelming to individuals below. This new Firestone roofing product can be installed at temperatures down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit and does not create an odor, making it the perfect solution for this project

The components used in the S.A EPDM roof system included a mechanically fastened high density composite isocyuanurate insulation board. The board was secured in place using H.D. firestone screws that were driven through 3” metal plates and into the metal decking below. Tapered insulation panels were installed to help drain the water off of the roof.  

New Hercules retro drains by OMG Roofing Products were installed at sump drains to eliminate any possible future issues caused by the original cast iron sumps. New UNA-CLAD pre-painted metal details were fabricated at Dixon's sheet metal shop and installed to complete the project.  

Dixon has always been on the cutting edge of roofing technology. We provide high quality workmanship with a highly trained and educated team. The roofing project went smoothly. It was installed to exceed installation requirements, and the result was an extremely satisfied customer with an exceptional roof system.  

Dixon Roofing is currently celebrating 25 years in business. We have achieved this by performing high quality work, and treating every project like it’s our own.  

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