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TAR Built Up (BUR)

Tar comes from the coal mining industry, and is referred to as Coal Tar Pitch. This material is rarely used in today’s roofing industry due to its expense and known health hazards. This roof system consists of plies, or layers of felt, with tar in-between each layer. Over this system, slag is commonly installed, however pea stone and marble chips may also be used.  The ballast protects the roof as well as prevents the roof from flowing too much when temperatures rise. Tar roofs are generally installed on buildings that are constructed using dead level construction. 

Benefits – Built Up Tar roofing systems tend to have a long lifespan when properly installed. The materials are weather resistant.  When temperatures rise, the tar will melt and consequently flow, sealing itself up. As the materials age, the flowing slows.  Older systems can be resaturated with new tar-compatible materials (this must be done before the system is too old or water saturated). Dixon Roofing has years of experience as a tar roofing contractor in Macomb County and Metro Detroit, Michigan.

Tar Commercial Roof System Maintenance

Like any commercial roof system, it is very important that preventative maintenance and repair work is performed.  Built Up Tar roofs should receive maintenance and repair work every five years or as required.  This system usually needs preventative maintenance performed at flashings and projections. J.E. Dixon Roofing’s Maintenance Programs are designed to service all of your roofing needs, and our teams are trained to give you the best results.

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